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Enterprises, hotels and Healthcare facilities need state-of-the-art video solutions In order to meet the customers’s demand for cutting edge technologies and quality . With 15 years of experience in designing, supplying, and operating video networks, LIME MEDIA guarantees a complete solution that addresses all aspects of a contemporary video service.


linear TV channels downlink, encoding and streaming it over IP utilizing the top 5 CDN providers. This ensures the highest video quality service using the latest compression technologies, equipped with the latest video codecs.


Connect multiple remote sites to a central video monitoring room, collecting multiple live video feeds into one central video aggregation and archiving platform.


Create content distribution and contribution video network between production studio and broadcasting centre, share video files and live feeds, and create links between remote studios and the channel’s master control room.

Video Headend Engineering Services

Off-site engineering services

  • System Design and Specifications.
  • Conditional access deployment.
  • EPG Integration.
  • M&C
  • Remote M&C and Support.

IPTV & OTT video headend

  • Managing multi-vendor environment system integrators.
  • System/network capacity planning.
  • Upgrades planning.
  • Headend and network solutions
  • Network design.

Manage Downtime and Services Disruptions

One of the key challenges for video headend owners and operators is to manage downtime and interruptions when launching new services or during upgrading works, we have the skilled and qualified personnel to manage the entire headend project from planning to installation and commissioning or servicing.

Our Video Headend turnkey solution covers the entire process of deploying new video headend or replacing/upgrading existing systems, from signal reception and processing through the network to customer-premises equipment’s. A complete CATV & IPTV system will be planned, designed, installed, tested, and supported by LIME MEDIA video headend providers.

Video Transcoding

One of the Most challenging tasks facing media companies is having the right file format for each platform / screen size adding the ever changing technologies provided by competing streaming technologies and providers, video transcoding increasingly becoming complicated task.

Our solution offers you:

  • We utilize the power of cloud to support most streaming formats.
  • Time to Market; we ensure high quality and fast content turnaround.
  • Integration; utilizing standard APIs that can be customized and incorporated into your existing content management and publishing systems.
  • Delivery; utilizing the top 5 CDN providers to collect and deliver your content.

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